Fees & Frequently Asked Questions

What do you charge for Consultation?

Individual Consultation: $195.00 (60 minutes)
Group Consultation: $80.00 (90 minutes online) / $80.00 (120 minutes in person)

How do I prepare for a Consultation?

Once you have made an appointment for Consultation, here are some general guidelines for preparing to make the most out of the consult time:

  1. Have the case you want to work on picked out ahead of time.
  2. Include the client’s age, gender and/or gender identification, race/ethnicity, current living situation (i.e., married/single, family/alone), current job, and how long you have been seeing them.
  3. Include the client’s primary complaint (i.e., their reason for seeking therapy).
  4. Include a basic outline of the client’s family history and trauma history.
  5. If you have seen the client for some time, what interventions have you have tried?
  6. What has worked well? What has not worked well?
  7. Include anything that stands out to you about the case that you think I should know about? (For example: Are you having strong countertransference? Is there a big symptom or pattern that the client doesn’t talk about but is obvious to you? Is there a piece of the client’s history that stands out and seems particularly important to you?
  8. Include your primary question for me. (For example: How do I make sense of the client’s presentation/symptoms?; I’m stuck—the client’s symptoms are not changing; What do I do now?; etc…).
  9. If you are newly trained in EMDR, include your client’s Top 10 Best & Top 10 Worst Experiences lists (with ages and SUDS levels (0-10)).

NOTE: if you are in a Consultation Group, there is no requirement to present a case.

What form of payment do you accept?

I accept:

Personal checks


Zelle (rachel@rachelwalkermft.com)

PayPal (rachel@rachelwalkermft.com)

Can we talk before scheduling a Consult?

Yes. Please contact me directly at (510) 501-2936.

What are your office hours?

Tuesday 7 am – 6 pm
Wednesday 7 am – 5 pm
Thursday 7 am – 6 pm