Recordings & Videos/Film

The Art and Science of EMDR Video Podcast: Interview with Rotem Brayer (2022)

In this video, Rachel Walker explains the integration of attachment theory, structural dissociation, parts work, and EMDR. Rachel presented in the 2019 EMDRIA conference and has been training EMDR clinicians in how to treat complex trauma with EMDR, parts work, and attachment repair. At the end of this video, Rachel shows in a live demo how to do parts mapping to help clients understand their parts and begin bringing compassion to their most vulnerable ego-states.

Therapy on the Cutting Edge Podcast: Interview with Keith Sutton (2021)

In this interview, Rachel explains how trauma-informed psychotherapies like EMDR, Parts Work, Attachment Theory, and Structural Dissociation work better in collaboration than they do alone. She discusses her journey to this realization, and the integrative treatment model which she developed and now practices as a result. This model, which Rachel teaches throughout the United States, moves beyond any one treatment modality to focus on the ways in which ALL trauma-informed therapies overlap. Her work illuminates the bigger picture, helping clinicians and trauma survivors alike to be more oriented within the treatment, and clearer about every aspect of the healing journey – from assessment, to goal setting, to pacing, to the application of interventions and overcoming of obstacles. The roadmap which she has developed provides a trauma-informed treatment progression that keeps the healing moving forward, regardless of the level of trauma and dissociation. The end result is a process that can be consistently relied on to work, leaving both therapist and client feeling more hopeful, collaborative, and empowered in the treatment and healing of complex trauma and dissociation. 

Radio Interview with Nurse Rona: Trauma and Resilience (2017)

Rachel is interviewed by Nurse Rona from KPFA on the topic of Trauma and Resilience. In this interview, Rachel discusses what trauma is, where it comes from, how to recognize it, and what to do about it! Recorded for Christmas Day 2017, Rachel and Nurse Rona work to normalize and bring hope to trauma survivors who may be alone or otherwise suffering during the holidays.

Trauma-Informed Therapy Training: Video Overview (2021)

Watch a video overview and explanation of a recent training on Trauma-Informed Therapy.